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Sustainability is a buzzword in our culture in recent years, as it is in the world of eScience too. And in our space it is similarly about the most efficient use of resources. At the eScience Center, we’re wholeheartedly committed to the premise of sustainable software. That is, generating and developing software that is reusable.

In 2018 we launched the Research Software Directory (RSD) project. Essentially a sophisticated content management system, its aim is to create an efficient, user friendly hub for researchers to share their software. As one of our project initiators, Juriaan Spaaks says, the RSD “promotes open science by bringing together the data, the software and the resulting papers in one place.” Building is still underway (completion is expected in late 2022), but the RSD’s underlying open-source infrastructure has already been made available to selected partners, all of whom have given us resoundingly positive feedback so far. And the team working on this innovation are inspired by the promise the tool holds.

How about the numbers so far? Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of how we’re currently tracking with the tool:


Software packages in the RSD as of December 2020


Projects listed


Contributors so far


Software packages with a DOI


Linked scientific publications


Unique mainstream media publications

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