90 active projects across all disciplines, powered by teams passionate about the potential of academic research.

In a dramatically changing world, we strengthened and supported many academic communities, helping them exploit advanced digital technologies to answer curiosity-driven questions. In doing so, we stayed true to our vision to keep the Netherlands at the forefront of cutting-edge international research.

Our open calls carried on as planned, with four calls to support Accelerating Scientific Discovery (ASDI), Innovative eScience Technologies (eTEC), Energy System Integration (ESI-FAR) and Excellence in the Simulation of Weather and Climate in Europe (ESiWACE2 Service 1). We awarded two ambitious early-career researchers €50,000 worth of support each as part of our Young eScientist Award. And finally, in response to extraordinary global circumstances, we also took a swift move to make €100,000 in in-kind support available to smaller research initiatives investigating the COVID-19 pandemic.