Forward looking statements

Within the field of eScience, technology and academic research, we are continually scanning the academic landscape to inform our strategy and operations. Herewith our most current thinking on a range of topics relating to the state-of-the-art.

  • The period 2021-2025 is the start of our new strategy, resulting in a totally new way of organizing our calls for proposals. From 2021 on, our calls will be 100% in-kind with higher acceptance rates and considerably more focus on software sustainability
  • As a newly formed organization in this period moving forward, we will professionalize our project management and implement a structure to actively connect to academic domains
  • We will devote substantial attention to digital skills and knowledge dissemination activities, and establish connections with digital competence centres
  • In 2021 we will do a major survey of new eScience technologies by reaching out to our many stakeholders and will collaborate on this with the Netherlands AI Coalition
  • We anticipate a growing demand for the opportunities that the eScience Center offers, and in more disciplines; in order to support this growth, our team and the demand for research software engineers will also grow
  • Horizon Europe will offer new opportunities to collaborate with the eScience Center