Environmental, social and governance

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) are the three aspects through which a group or organization can assess its approach to doing business to ensure that operations are conducted responsibly and sustainably. Further, that its societal impact is acknowledged and considered. Mirroring cultural imperatives, these aspects support an increasingly widely held view that organizations holding themselves accountable to stakeholders and increasing transparency will be more viable, and valuable, in the long term. Herewith a list of key initiatives of the eScience Center at present:

  • As part of our new strategy, the eScience Center will focus more resources on championing the notion of sustainable software, which, like its eco-counterpart, seeks to create reusable software
  • The eScience Center is a proud co-creator and advocate of the Fair Software platform, designed to promote sustainable software practices worldwide
  • In 2020 we invested in a PhD project on cultivated meat, and there are a number of currently running projects that improve research outcomes on social, ecological, climate and environmental topics
  • As a group we are placing more attention on green computing and office (hardware) supplies, including a shift to eco-friendly printers
  • Research and plans are underway to move to a greener and more sustainable office space, in addition to exploring a distributed working model for employees in the wake of pandemic work-from-home policies