Scientific impact

Our team of eScience engineers collaborates with researchers from a broad range of disciplines. In 2019, we kicked off public-private projects in the area of big data and health, and earth observation. Calls were also launched for the collaborative projects eTEC-BIG, ESI-far, CORTEX and the EU-funded projects ESiWACE/ESiWACE2.

Moreover, we achieved a number of milestones in our first Flagship project, eWaterCycle II, including an extension of the eWaterCycle platform to an online platform and a Lorentz Center workshop that brought together 29 leading scientists from 7 different countries.

In addition to key numbers, the following section includes three features on projects the eScience Center is currently involved in.


Papers published

78 journal articles, 18 conference papers


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Completed projects


Blog posts


Photo essays

JUL 18, 2019

Using deep neural networks to understand molecular interactions

APR 4, 2019

Understanding global corporate networks

NOV 28, 2019

Accelerating the search for dark matter

As the national center of excellence for the development and application of research software, the eScience Center and its engineers are strongly committed to sharing the latest knowledge and professional insights in the field of eScience. Our engineers regularly take part in debates on current and future developments in research and digital science by organizing or attending conferences, but also by publishing in the public domain. Below are three recent blog posts by our engineers.

Blog posts

MAY 29, 2019

Some thoughts about developing software for scientific applications

Felipe Zapata

JUN 12, 2019

Can we have explainable AI or are we entering an infinite loop?

Sonja Georgievska

JUL 15, 2019

King – Man + Woman = King?

Florian Huber